Regional Integration is the process by which two or more nation- state agree to co-operate and work closely together to achieve peace, stability and wealth. Regional integration has been a long standing goal of the African Union and also the African Development Bank on ideal infrastructure gap and accelerates integration of their economies. However, this aggregate picture hides important country variations. 
Aims and Objectives
The aims and objectives are as follows:
-To promote regional economic integration.
-To promote Regional infrastructure- advocacy and facilitation role. 
-To promote intra-regional trade.
What is happening in the programme?
Regional integration is a key strategy for development and intra-regional trade and is expected to produce considerable economic gains for Africa trade policies and regional integration in Africa. The Dakar Financing Summit (DFS) for Africa’s infrastructure held from 15 to 17 June, 2014 captures it all. Cf PIDA
What progress has been made so far?
The growth of intra-regional trade has been a major preoccupation of African Analysis of the progress made by the Recs in the implementation of trade & integrated regional programme for the development of trade.