The programme focuses on election observation as one of the tools to monitor and to ensure legitimacy of the government and the foundation for the enthronement of good governance which is in line with the African Union (AU) Charter on Democracy, Political and Economic Governance, and in fulfilment of Nigeria’s obligation in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) of the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) to which Nigeria acceded in March 2003, NEPAD Nigeria has the official mandate to report at continental levels, developments and initiatives in the areas of Democracy and Political Governance.


Aims and role

To ensure transparency, credibility and impartiality of elections in line with NEPAD core mandate of enthronement of good governance.

What is happening in the programme?

Observation of elections (Gubernatorial and General election).

What progress has been made so far?

The progress so far has been from 2011 onward which are as follows:
• General election 2011
• Gubernatorial Bye-election 2012
 Adamawa State 4th February, 2012;
 Bayelsa State 11th February, 2012;
 Sokoto State 18th February, 2012;
 Edo State 14th July, 2012; and
 Ondo State 6th October, 2012.
• Gubernatorial election 2013
 Anambra State 16th November, 2013
• Gubernatorial election 2014
 Ekiti State 21st June, 2014
 Osun State 9th August, 2014

The Programme Team

APRM/Governance department and other stakeholders.