What is the Project all about?

The Uhurunet submarine cable will extend from Europe to South Africa, running along the West African coast and connecting all countries along the West African coastline. the Umojanet network will link every African country to its neighbors and will connect Uhurunet to other submarine cable systems.

Aims and Objectives

  • Broadband infrastructure to connect all countries on the continent;
  • Fair and equal access to cross border connectivity and access to submarine cable systems for all countries;
  • Facilitate the implementation of a regional carrier of carriers network;
  • Promote the development and taking ownership of broadband/fibre infrastructure.

What is happening in the programme?

A study has been carried out to provide a more detailed plan of the terrestrial side of the network

What progress has been made so far?

Presently at the stage of validating the feasibility study, network design and business plan.

The Team

  • Dr. Edmund Katiti. He is the head of the NEPAD e-Africa Programme at the NEPAD continental office in South Africa.
  • At the country level, The Federal Ministry of Communication Technology is the implementing agency for this project, while NEPAD Nigeria office is the facilitator.

Where to find us