One of the essential mandates of NEPAD Nigeria is to advance the enthronement of good governance in all ramifications through the adoption of policies, standards and practices which lead to political stability, enduring democracy and sustainable socio-economic development. NEPAD Nigeria therefore places great emphasis on promoting democratic election as key pillar of stability and hence its involvement in election observations as a way of making an informed and objective opinion on the conduct of election in Nigeria. In this wise, the Office has been an accredited election observer of INEC. The Office has participated in various election observation exercises.


In the 2015 General elections, Card Reader Machines were first used in Nigeria. This, the citizens had agreed to have reduced the level of rigging. It was during the election that the country first recorded victory of a presidential candidate over an incumbent president. Although, the Card Reader Machines reduced the level of rigging, they did not function effectively as many Nigerians have asked for their uses to be discontinued. However, INEC has assured Nigerians that they are doing everything possible to get it right in the subsequent elections.


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