The statutory functions of the Unit are:

  1. Preparation of all Legal Documents involving NEPAD Nigeria;
  2. Giving Legal Advice and Opinion;
  3. Prosecution of cases involving NEPAD Nigeria;
  4. Studying and initiation of the review of laws in relation to NEPAD Policy framework;
  5. Identification and collation of Standards and Codes in relation to the thematic areas of NEPAD for necessary action;
  6. Participation and ensuring compliance with the Legal aspects of NEPAD Programmes/Projects;
  7. Participation in relevant International meetings and conferences relating to NEPAD Programmes;
  8. Maintaining regular liaison and consultations with the Federal Ministry of Justice and other law enforcement agencies on legal issues concerning NEPAD Nigeria;
  9. Offering adequate and comprehensive legal assistance for the management of multilateral and bilateral cooperation, partnerships and agreements, including development aid and technical assistance;
  10. Explaining the purpose of existing laws and regulations as they relate to international laws, NEPAD and dealings with third parties both within and outside Nigeria in legal issues;
  11. Acting as liaison for NEPAD in National assembly matters, international organizations and other corporate bodies; and
  12. Any other functions that may be given from time to time by the National Coordinator/Chief Executive Office.

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