The United Nations resolution (57/5) recognizes the need for African countries to establish NEPAD National Offices with responsibility for monitoring the implementation of NEPAD programmes at the country level and serving as a repository of information, among other functions. In order to achieve this, the Federal government established NEPAD Nigeria as an institutional mechanism in the Presidency to be responsible for implementation of NEPAD programmes in Nigeria.

NEPAD Nigeria was established in the year 2002 and its mandates, among others, include the following:

  • To identify and work with partners in the public and private sectors, including the civil society and international organizations operating in Nigeria with a view to develop, implement, and promote NEPAD programmes at the country level;
  • To disseminate to the public, information on NEPAD programmes and activities;
  • To establish and maintain a functional data bank on NEPAD activities in Nigeria;
  • To prepare in collaboration with the line ministries, a National Programme of Action on NEPAD and ensure effective mainstreaming of such plan (including its identified programmes and projects) into the annual national budget;
  • To promote stakeholders’ participation in the preparation and implementation of NEPAD projects with particular reference to the 3-tiers of government, NGOs and private sector;
  • To liaise with the NEPAD Planning & Coordinating Agency (NPCA) in the areas of formation of national positions on issues relating to NEPAD through inter-ministerial and inter-sectoral committee;
  • To work closely with relevant organs of government on technical assistance programmes and support for the country office;
  • To serve as national focal point for various international partner organization operating in Nigeria which are involved in NEPAD and attending their meetings and conferences from time to time;
  • To participate from time to time in international meetings concerning NEPAD National programmes as may be approved by Mr. President;
  • To assist the Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF) on country level activities relating to the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM); and
  • To monitor periodically all institutions’ processes and activities at national level relevant to the pursuance of NEPAD objectives.

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