The statutory functions of the Unit are:

  1. Collaboration with all Departments and Units of NEPAD Nigeria to generate advocacy messages for the public;
  2. Development of advocacy/information Kits as well as education and communication materials for communicating NEPAD;
  3. Identification of relevant institutions and individuals as stakeholders in driving home NEPAD Advocacy messages;
  4. Liaison with various professional bodies in the media industry such as the Nigerian Union of journalists (NUJ), Guild of Editors, etc. to ensure effective propagation of NEPAD activities and programmes;
  5. Provision of information about NEPAD to the enquiring public, especially, the NEPAD’s strategic partners;
  6. Coordination of the press coverage, including press briefing on the activities of NEPAD Nigeria through proper liaison with members of the press and arrangement of special press interviews for NEPAD National Coordinator/Chief Executive Officer and other relevant staff;
  7. Organization of periodic workshops, Journalists’ Roundtables, etc. for NEPAD correspondents to deepen their understanding of NEPAD programmes;
  8. Undertaking of daily analysis of press comments and reactions of the public on NEPAD and documentation of same;
  9. Carrying out of television and radio documentaries, newspaper feature articles, radio news commentaries etc.; and
  10. Any other functions that may be given from time to time by the National Coordinator/Chief Executive Office.

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