After the establishment of NEPAD Nigeria in 2002 and in order to effectively domesticate the NEPAD programme at the country level, each State Government was expected to establish NEPAD State Office with a State Coordinator who ensures the adequate mainstreaming of NEPAD programmes into the State Government policies and programmes.

The State Coordinator also ensures effective collaboration with the State Line Ministries, State National Programme of Action and mainstreaming of such plan (including its identified programmes and projects) into the Annual State budget. The State Coordinators are equally expected to have a clear understanding of issues of governance, its content and indicators and how to monitor good governance in State governmental operations.



  • Works directly with their State Chief Executives;
  • Working with NEPAD Nigeria at the state-offices to understand the NEPAD framework, priorities /principles and the mode of achieving them;
  • Ensuring the implementation of the State Governments adequate budgeting for the priority programmes and projects of NEPAD in the state;
  • Facilitate the coordination role of the NEPAD state-offices by providing all necessary information/data on their activities.
  • Enhance increased awareness for and the ownership of the concept and ideas of NEPAD and APRM;
  • Receive updates on the level of mainstreaming/domestication of NEPAD;
  • Bridge the information gap between NEPAD APRM process among stakeholders, especially, between NEPAD Nigeria on one hand and NEPAD State Coordinators on the other hand;
  • To build an institutional framework for implementing NEPAD projects through proper coordination, coherence, identification of priorities, resource mobilization and partnership at the Federal, State Local Government and Community levels;
  • Ensure the establishment of a cohesive structure that provides for interaction with all stakeholders, fostering of adoption of policies, standards and practices that lead to high economic growth, sustainable development and accelerated integration in line with the concept of the Change Agenda of the Present Administration; and
  • Provide opportunity of platform for development of initiatives and modalities for proper monitoring of NEPAD projects and APRM framework.

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