NSEP is driven under the NEPAD Energy programme. The energy programme works in a number of key areas to facilitate the development and growth of the energy sector across Africa. This includes regional energy infrastructure development both on generation and grid connectivity, renewable energy resources utilization, regional energy market development and efficient usage of energy.


Priority areas for NEPAD’s energy programme include energy infrastructure development in Africa up to 2040 known as Programme of Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA), bio- energy development for energy and food security, energy accessibility through renewable energy solutions, development of the continent nuclear power resources, energy efficiency, regional energy market and capacity development at national and regional levels.


Under this programme NEPAD Nigeria carried out the following activities:

  1. Identification of stakeholders in the energy sub-sector;
  2. Creation of a national stakeholders platform for the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation;
  3. Convened stakeholders meetings to establish status and development gaps existing in the National energy spectrum;
  4. Produced harmonised National Action Agenda on SE4ALL in Nigeria from all existing government energy policies and programme;
  5. Organization a three (3) day validation/sensitization workshop on the exploration and adaptation approaches of alternative energy technologies like solar, wind, small & micro hydro, biomass and biodiesel; and
  6. Supervision and coordination of project implementation, monitoring and evaluation.



  1. Facilitation of the establishment of the Inter-Ministerial committee on the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) Programme in Nigeria, which membership was drawn from 22 MDAs, United Nations Development Programme, ECOWAS Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ECREEE), Private Sector and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs).
  2. Co-chaired in the National Inter-Ministerial committee which produced the harmonised National Action Agenda for the implementation of SE4ALL Agenda in Nigeria and soon to be validated by stakeholders at a national stakeholders validation workshop.

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