The 2015 NEPAD Trade Fair programme was to include a 6 Day cutting-edge Product Exhibition in a state-of-the-art facility that would bring together exhibitors and participants from various African Countries to showcase products and services made in Africa; and expose the vast and almost inexhaustible investment potentials of each African Country. Each participating African Country would use the opportunity to showcase its products before a globally engaged audience onsite and online.


The Trade Fair Agenda was to consist of the 5-day Exhibition of African made products and services, 2-day Business and Investment Forum on Africa, Africa Achievement Awards, Gallery of African Arts and Culture, African Movie Premiere and African Fashion Parade. It was also hoped that the Trade Fair would be used as a platform for facilitating the NEPAD Product Certification designed to open windows of opportunities for African products in international export market as well as for regulating and ensuring that only quality products are imported into Africa.


Benefit of the Trade Fair to Nigeria

  1. Hosting the NEPAD Trade Fair would consolidate Nigeria’s leadership position in Africa and complement Federal Government foreign policy thrust which is investment driven;
  2. Nigeria would have ample opportunity to market its manufactured goods and showcase its vast investment potentials to a globally engaged audience online and onsite;
  3. Relevant MDAs would leverage on the opportunity to attract international attention to the non-oil sector in line with the Federal government agenda to diversify the economy and create employment opportunities;
  4. The Trade Fair would attract a greater inflow of Foreign Direct Investment into Nigeria;
  5. The NEPAD-Africa Trade Fair would boost business tourism in Nigeria as well as provide opportunity for Nigeria business men to meet with their global counterparts and investing communities expected to visit Nigeria during the Trade Fair; and
  6. Nigeria would tap into local and international resources and experiences that can be useful to the Federal Government in actualizing its development agenda for Nigeria.

Benefit of the Trade Fair to Africa’s Economy

  1. Introduce and promote the use of African made products and services;
  2. Facilitate the actualization of AU/NEPAD local content development agenda;
  3. Promote and encourage locally made products, boost local economy and create jobs;
  4. Increase trade cooperation and integration among African countries;
  5. Enhance effective implementation of all regional protocols on free movement of persons and goods across national borders within Africa;
  6. Improve the consumption and utilization of African made products and services;
  7. Increase acceptance and export opportunities for African made products in the international market;
  8. Increase partnership and joint venture initiatives among African manufacturers;
  9. Enhance the development of a compendium of African made products and services with detailed information of their origin and sources; and
  10. Popularise NEPAD by attracting wider private sector participation in the NEPAD process.

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