The Department is one of the four Operating Departments of NEPAD Nigeria headed by a Director with two (2) Divisions namely; Planning and Research & Statistics.

The statutory functions of the Department are as follows:

  1. Managing an up to date NEPAD Nigeria Data Bank;
  2. Management of NEPAD Nigeria Official website ( & e-mail services for staff;
  3. Preparation & production of Annual Progress Reports, Digest of Statistics, journals, etc. of NEPAD Nigeria;
  4. Participation in the preparation of annual budget;
  5. Administering & managing of library services of the Office;
  6. Undertaking monitoring of operational improvement of the Office through collection, collation and analysis of statistical data on programmes/projects;
  7. Monitoring & Evaluation of NEPAD Programmes/Projects at the National, State & Local Government levels;
  8. Coordination of activities of NEPAD State Coordinators & Focal Point Officers in the FMDAs;
  9. Organization of annual Director Planning, Research & Statistics Conference in collaboration with NPC, SDGs & OHCSF;
  10. Preparation of short – term and long – term development plans for the Office;
  11. Advising the Chief Executive Officer of NEPAD Nigeria on matters relating to planning, conception, implementation, monitoring & evaluation;
  12. Carrying out research into sectors over which NEPAD has jurisdiction;
  13. Initiating and undertaking of follow – up action on the Office’s plans for effective implementation;
  14. Organising meetings of NEPAD State Coordination and Focal Point Officers in FMDAs;
  15. Organising meetings with UN Agencies, Development Partners, Donor Agencies, etc. on NEPAD activities;
  16. Organising Retreats, Seminars, Workshop for NEPAD Staff, State Coordinators, Focal Point Officers in FMDAs;
  17. Liaising with State Coordinators for proper implementation of NEPAD programmes at the grassroots;
  18. Managing computer services (both hardware & software) of the Office;
  19. Developing & implementing ICT programmes in line with NEPAD e-Africa Programme;
  20. Coordinating the development of Action Plan & strategies;
  21. Undertaking information gathering & research activities on key indicators of good governance;
  22. Liaising with relevant stakeholders & Development Partners;
  23. Carrying out other functions as may be given from time to time by the National Coordinator/Chief Executive Officer.

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