The statutory functions of the Unit are: 

  1. Preparing the Annual Procurement Plan of the Office in conjunction with all Departments & Units;
  2. Convening of the Procurement Planning Committee Meetings;.
  3. Preparation and forwarding of advertisements to the Media for publicity;
  4. Preparing procurement documents for NEPAD Programmes/Projects;
  5. Evaluation of bids received in conjunction with the relevant Departments & Units and making recommendations to the Management;
  6. Convening of Ministerial/Parastatal Tenders Board Meetings and Preparation of minutes for approval by the Management;
  7. Liaising with the Bureau of Public Procurement for certification of Award of contracts where necessary;
  8. Carrying out Procurement Audit;
  9. Monitoring of all contracts approved by the Ministerial/Parastatal Tenders Board to ensure value for money for government;
  10. Any other functions that may be given from time to time by the National Coordinator/Chief Executive Office.

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