The Department is one of the four Operating Departments of NEPAD Nigeria headed by a Director with two (2) Divisions namely; Social Services and Economic Affairs.

The statutory functions of the Department are as follows:

  1. Facilitating the Implementation of various NEPAD Initiatives and Action plans such as Infrastructure Action Plan, the Comprehensive Africa Agricultural Development Programme (CAADP), the Health Action Plan, the Action Plan of the Environment Initiative of NEPAD, the Tourism Action Plan, the Cassava Initiative, the NEPAD City initiative, etc.
  2. Promoting Private Public Partnership (PPP) in the Implementation of NEPAD programmes;
  3. Facilitating the implementation of and follow-up on relevant resolutions and recommendation of National Conference of NEPAD;
  4. Promoting stakeholders participation in the preparation and implementation of NEPAD programmes and project
  5. Establishing where necessary, inter-ministerial and inter-sectorial committees for mainstreaming of NEPAD programmes and cluster into national priorities
  6. Participating in international meetings on NEPAD national programmes
  7. Facilitating linkages and interactions with relevant Development Partners
  8. Collaborating with relevant stakeholders in both public and private sectors to develop and implement programmmes in line with NEPAD objectives
  9. Collaborating with stakeholders with viable programmes initiatives in all the sectors of the economy for their actualization
  10. Organizing workshops for the building of capacities on programme development and implementation for its self
  11. Liaising with stakeholders in developing strategies for the sourcing of funds for programmes implementation

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