These include:

  1. Establishing the conditions for sustainable development by ensuring:
  • Peace and security;
  • Democracy and good political, economic and corporate governance;
  • Regional co-operation and integration;
  • Capacity building.


  1. Policy reforms and increased investment in the following priority sectors:
  • Agriculture;
  • Human development with focus on health, education, Science and technology and skills development;
  • Building and improving infrastructure, including Information and Communication Technology (lCT), Energy, Transport, Water and sanitation;
  • Promote diversification of production and exports, particularly with respect to agro-industries, manufacturing, mining, mineral beneficiation and tourism;
  • Accelerating intra-African trade and improving access to markets of developed countries;
  • The environment.


  1. Mobilizing Resources by:
  • Increasing domestic savings and investments;
  • Improving management of public revenue and expenditure;
  • Improving Africa’s share in global trade;
  • Attracting Foreign Direct Investment; and
  • Increasing capital flows through further debt reduction and increase ODA flows.

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